Software for touchscreen solutions


TouchGuide is a software company that develops solutions for touchscreens used in public buildings and places such as

Shopping Centers, City Centers, Bus -and Train stations, Airports and in the Tourism industry.

TouchGuide is our way-finding system which also includes an infosystem and a digital marketing channel

TouchNet is a modern Internal Information System (Intranet) available in three different versions: public website, tablets and smartphones.

TouchPlayer is our media player. This product is an integrated part of the TouchGuide and TouchNet solutions. 

Touchguide in Action

Since 2003 we have delivered and installed various chassis designs and software solutions to customers all over Scandinavia!

Below you will find some of our installations:


Our products and partners

To provide our customers with the best possible technique, materials and efficiency we collaborate with a number of well-known brands and companies:

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About Us

TouchGuide Solutions is a software company and a provider of solutions for touchscreens used in large public buildings and public places. We are a complete supplier of software and hardware solutions! Our long experience in this field gives our customers a sense of security and we are focused on continually developing our solutions.

Some of our Clients

Contact Us

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    SE-164 40 Kista
  •  +46 8 549 00 850
  • NORWAY - Kroneprinsesse Marthas plass 1,
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