improving and simplifying the user experience

We are specialists in touch screen technology and wayfinding Solutions! From the beginning, we developed and delivered a Wayfinding System to major Shopping Centers all over Scandinavia. But, as our own experience and knowledge increased, our innovations has spread to other markets and today our solutions handles both information, advertisements and wayfinding in a common solution:

our limitation is our customers imagination

Vision & Mision

TouchGuide should be synonymous with interactive information and guidance on frequently visited public buildings and places. Our goal is to provide solutions and products that are so innovative and effective that they set a new standard in the market.

Caring for the Environment

We do our best to be gentle towards the environment. In our choice of components we strive towards searching and using products with low energy values and the possibility for recycling. Thereby minimize the use of paper-based maps and billboards!


TouchSolutions is the collective name of the product family as we gradually developed them over many years. The products are all individual modules that are built on one common backend, Touch Server. All our products can present the information on the user's smartphone!