Sharing information in an easier way


TouchNet is an effective Internal Information System using the latest web and mobile technology as a tool to interact between the owner, management, employes and teenants. TouchNet is available for as a web services for desktop devices, tablets and smartphones.

all in one place

As a customer of TouchGuide Solutions, you can choose to start with a solution to later expand to others at the rate that you desire. All Solutions are separate modules but linked together.

accessible news & events

TouchNet shares the same database, server and the web management tool with our Touch Admin and TouchGuide Solutions. In this way, we reuse the same basic data, such as shops, service companies, images, logos, etc.


Regardless of whether the user is using the website on a desktop device, tablet or mobile phone, the responsive interface is adjusted and looks the same through all the devices! And of course, we adapt the layout to fit our customers own graphic expression and branding.